Dell Storage

vCenter Operations Manager

VMware vCenter Operations Manager

The Dell Compellent Solution Pack for vCenter Operations Manager delivers a single, view of virtualized infrastructures (servers to storage) powered by the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. The Dell Compellent Solutions Pack delivers performance analysis and detailed insight into Dell Storage to help detect any capacity or performance issues.

Customers using the Dell Compellent Solution Pack gain the ability to see relationships between Dell Storage and VMware. This allows users to easily find issues and see the related Dell Storage Arrays, Controllers, Volumes, VMware DataStores, ESX Hosts, and Virtual Machines.

The vCenter Operations Manager Adapter included in the Dell Compellent Solution Pack obtains its metrics data from Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager. By Combining the Analytic Power of vCenter Operations Manager with the rich Storage Metric Collection of Enterprise Manager, administrators gain the full view of their Virtual Infrastructure and the health of each object in the path.


  • Pre-packaged customizable dashboards for administrators, showing health, performance, capacity, and top-utilization metrics
  • Topology and Resource relationships to visualize VMware and Storage relationships to assist with faster problem remediation
  • Detect and remediate anomalies and issues in your virtual infrastructure and storage environments faster


The Dell Compellent Solution Pack for vCenter Operations Manager is currently in Managed Key Customer release. Please contact Dell Compellent CoPilot if interested in obtaining the solution pack.