Dell Storage

Use Cases

Delivering a new customer experience: optimizing data everywhere

Cloud. Convergence. Security. Big data. The dynamics of the data center are changing. Forcing you to rethink how to best architect your IT infrastructure to move your business forward. The Fluid Data architecture is designed to help you anticipate and evolve to changing — even competing — IT delivery models.

  • Delivering data insights — Before you can deliver data insights, you need to ensure your data is online and available throughout its lifecycle. Dell Storage is committed to building upon our technological leadership to make it efficient for organizations to store and analyze more data.
  • Integrated systems — The traditional boundaries between servers, storage and networking continue to collapse. Our experience as an end-to-end provider of best of breed hardware and software is your advantage. We’ll continue to unveil new end-to-end solutions that help simplify and speed cost-effective IT delivery.
  • Cloud — Whenever and however you choose to adopt the cloud, Dell is ready to support you. The Fluid Data architecture will include native integration to support backup, replication, tiering and bursting to the cloud.
  • Mobility — Dell storage is focused on the data behind all the multiplying mobile devices. We continue to advance our industry-leading virtualized storage to support thin client, VDI and cloud client computing.

Dell continues to invest ahead of each of these trends to deliver all of the storage functionality you need next.

Winton Woods City Schools
Winton Woods City Schools
The school turns to Dell Compellent storage fpr "do more with less" VDI BYOD solution; expands educational resources.