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Technology that keeps your data as dynamic as your business

Fluid Data is a unifying storage architecture that aims to put the right data in the right place at the right time for the right cost. It does so by thoughtfully integrating key technologies consistently across the Fluid Data architecture.

  • Automated tiering: Optimize your environment with built-in intelligent tiering for drives, RAID levels and load-balancing across arrays without downtime.
  • Dynamic provisioning: Refresh, scale and anticipate capacity and performance needs without setting yourself up for a costly forklift upgrade.
  • Intelligent management: Automate administration with intuitive interfaces and built-in intelligence, so you can focus less on day-to-day operations and more on innovation.
  • Array and software-based data protection: Unite data protection and backup operations with thin snapshots, replication and recovery automatically, ensuring high availability of your critical data.
  • Fluid File System: Unify block and file infrastructures without the typical volume limits of NAS. Scale performance and capacity without interrupting operations.
  • Deduplication and compression: Deploy content-aware data reduction technologies to maximize disk resources and deliver better compression.

See the strategy that helped guide this technology development.

Accelerating Fluid Data
Accelerating Fluid Data
Accelerating the Fluid Data Architecture with Global Design
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