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Fluid Data Architecture

Manage your business. We'll manage your data.

Traditional storage systems are inefficient and expensive, forcing enterprises to buy more and more storage to keep pace. Dell takes a different approach.

We’ve developed an end-to-end portfolio of enterprise storage solutions built on the Fluid Data™ architecture that are designed to automatically and intelligently optimize data everywhere, providing high efficiency and availability without hidden lifecycle costs.

The Fluid Data architecture is characterized by unique engineering tenets and a combination of industry-leading software technologies — thin provisioning, tiering, dedupe, compression — with resilient hardware to provide new levels of utilization and performance in the data center.

As a result of this efficient, flexible and reliable approach, Dell is able to provide enterprises with what they really want — an IT infrastructure that can move the business forward.

Fluid Data Core TechnologiesCore technologies

Dell thoughtfully integrates key technologies across the Fluid Data architecture, among them: intelligent tiering, management and protection in both block and file infrastructures. As a result, you can keep your data as dynamic as your business.

Fluid Data StrategyStrategy

Dell storage is transforming the way the world thinks about storage. We’ve started fresh, building the right storage architecture using best-of-breed technologies developed in the last decade. Our strategy is based on a commitment to deliver on an open, scalable design to enterprises of all sizes.

Fluid Data Use casesUse cases

Cloud. Convergence. Security. Big data. The Fluid Data architecture is designed to help you anticipate and evolve to changing — even competing — IT delivery models.

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