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Optimizing Storage for Server Virtualization with Dell EqualLogic - ESG White Paper

ESG believes that the Dell EqualLogic PS Series offers a distinct advantage for virtual server environments. DAS may initially cost less for small virtual server deployments, but it lacks flexibility and high availability. Cost and complexity will increase exponentially as the number of virtual machines grows. At some point, managing many islands of storage makes the solution cost prohibitive.

Networked modular Fibre Channel and NAS solutions reduce costs as the number of virtual machines increases, but the need to add new dual controllers to accommodate growth increases cost and complexity in steps.

In contrast, our analysis has proven that the Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SANs offer the lowest TCO. Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays are easy to use and affordable, avoid the step increases in cost and complexity, and are less than half the cost of NAS for the 75 TB solution analyzed by ESG.

Last, but not least, note that as the number of virtual machines continues to grow, Dell EqualLogic widens the gap and accelerates the savings with on-demand expansion and easy management.