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Nelnet, Inc.

“Being able to scale storage quickly and without downtime has been instrumental in allowing us to launch and grow our hosting business,” says Regnier. “We’ve moved several of our internal production systems to Compellent already, and we feel confident that we’re going down the right road. We consider ourselves a Dell Compellent shop now.”

- Ryan Regnier, IT Manager of Operational Engineering, Nelnet, Inc.

Business Need

Nelnet needed a data storage solution that could quickly scale and support the demands of a tenfold increase in data volume due to its remote hosting services.


Nelnet deployed two Dell™ Compellent™ Storage Center SANs with thin provisioning and automated storage tiering to keep costs under control while maintaining high performance.


  • Ability to develop new revenue stream of remote hosting services by providing efficient and dependable technology
  • Tenfold increase in data volume managed without downtime or business disruption
  • Twofold performance improvement in disk I/O compared with direct attached storage
  • Ability to meet customer SLAs for data recovery with near real time replication