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Reduce Storage Complexity To Improve IT Agility

Forrester Consulting was commissioned to evaluate thought processes and pain points related to storage management, both within the storage team and from external storage stakeholders. The study found that a majority of storage admins spend too much time on daily operations maintenance and mundane tasks, and companies are seeking simpler storage technologies with more automation to drive lower costs and better results.

Key Findings - Forrester’s study yielded 6 key findings:

  • Many systems for storing and managing data are complex and expensive to manage.
  • IT management feels that today’s storage is a drag on innovation.
  • With free time, storage admins would work on higher level IT or business strategy to better support their business.
  • Organizations are willing to pay more for systems that reduce management complexity.
  • There is value in buying storage and other data center technologies/services from one vendor.
  • Innovative solutions can make a big difference.