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Boost SQL Server database availability and efficiency with Dell Compellent™ Storage Center Storage Area Networks

To maintain SQL Server data integrity and resiliency, organizations can capitalize on key features provided by Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN. Dell Compellent, based on the Dell Fluid Data Architecture™, leads the way in transforming how Microsoft SQL Server data is stored and managed. Dell Compellent provides a flexible, resilient and agile SAN solution that dynamic SQL Server infrastructures require.

Improve SQL Server storage efficiency

  • Dell Compellent Data Progression automatically maintains frequently used data on higher performance tiers of storage while moving infrequently used data to lower cost, higher-density disks.

Seamlessly grow SQL Server database storage

  • Using Dell Compellent Dynamic Capacity (Thin Provisioning), storage resources are only consumed as the SQL Server database grows, deferring storage purchases until required.

Simply protect SQL Server databases

  • Use Dell Compellent Instant Replays and Replay Manager to shorten recovery times, offload backups, and simplify disaster recovery planning while providing improved business continuity

Consolidate your database into agile and efficient storage architecture and help save money

  • Dell Compellent combines a powerful data movement engine with a persistent hardware platform that doesn’t require new models for upgrades or updates.