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Using the Storage Center Command Set to rapidly provision storage in a Hyper-V environment

Microsoft® System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and Enterprise Manager simplify Hyper-V® administration by providing easy-to-use GUIs for managing servers and storage. However, administrators can realize even further efficiencies by using scripts that automate the process. A next-generation command-line shell and scripting language, PowerShell streamlines server, workstation, application and storage management in Windows® environments. Dell Compellent offers a PowerShell-based command set that integrates with SCVMM and the Storage Center™ SAN. The Storage Center Command Set for Windows PowerShell (SCCS) adds more than 60 cmdlets to the 130 standard commands, providing optimum efficiency and accuracy, particularly in Hyper-V® environments.

The following real-world example illustrates how to use the Dell Compellent SCCS to rapidly create VMs and provision storage for a Hyper-V® environment.