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Dell Storage Point of View: Optimize your data everywhere

Business moves faster every day. The volume, velocity and value of the data you manage accelerates at an ever increasing pace. The only real constant is change, bringing a never-ending sense of uncertainty about what IT will face next.

It’s time for a new approach to dealing with change. Dell Storage and the Dell™ Fluid Data™ architecture keep your data as dynamic as the organization it supports by putting the right data in the right place at the right time–for the right cost. The unifying Fluid Data architecture is designed to automatically and intelligently optimize data everywhere, helping to transform IT operation into innovation. With storage designed to constantly adapt, customers can cut cost, time and risk as they focus on moving their organizations forward.

At Dell, we have a clear and compelling point of view on the state of data storage and how organizations can keep pace as data needs evolve. We have the products, solutions and support that make our vision a reality. And we have customers with real-world results that will tell you how the Fluid Data architecture made an impact in their data centers.