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Compellent Storage Center 5.3 10,000 Mailbox Exchange 2010 Resiliency Storage Solution

This document provides information on Compellent’s storage solution for Microsoft Exchange Server, based the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP).

Simulated Environment

The number of users simulated was 10,000 across 10 servers, with 2,000 users per server. The Microsoft Exchange 2010 mailbox size was 1GB per user. Each server had 2 databases, with one copy local and the second copy replicated to a second server on a second Storage Center. This provides redundancy through hardware and software.

The IO generated was also twice the requirement, showing the performance headroom available. Compellent Storage Centers also have growth capacity available, simply by adding more drives. This provides a growth path for customers.

Test Result Summary

The testing shows the scalability and performance of the Compellent Storage Center. The numbers given here are for a Storage Center v 5.3.