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American University

"We decided to virtualize all our servers," Gehring says. "We standardized on Windows or Red Hat Linux on VMware, with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. For hardware, we standardized on Dell. We were already using Dell successfully for our desktops, and we wanted to extend that relationship to our data center."

- Christopher Gehring, Senior Director, Technology Operations, American University

Institutional need

American University (AU) was suffering from a severe case of server sprawl. Its data storage needs were doubling year over year, but its data center housed 100 servers and a storage array that was maxed out.


AU deployed a VMware®-based virtual environment on Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers with Intel® Xeon® processors, and supported by Dell Compellent Storage Center SANs.


  • Tripled storage capacity and added replication target without increasing TCO
  • 63% reduction in physical footprint of data center (8 racks to 3 racks)
  • 50% reduction in power consumption