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Microsoft Hyper-V Planning Guide for Dell PowerVault MD Series Storage Arrays

This document helps you plan to implement Microsoft Hyper-V technology with the Dell PowerVault MD32X0, MD32X0i, and MD36X0i series of storage arrays.

Hyper-V provides the software infrastructure and management tools in the Windows Server® 2008 operating system to create and manage a virtualized server computing environment. The configuration in this document uses the Windows Server 2008 Release 2 operating system with the following enhancements to Hyper-V:

  • Live Migration – A transparent move of virtual machines (VMs) from one cluster-node to another with no loss of VM connectivity between nodes. Live Migration uses clustered shared volumes (CSVs).
  • Dynamic virtual machine storage – Support for hot plug-in and hot removal of storage.
  • Enhanced processor support – Up to 32 physical cores.
  • Enhanced networking support – Support for jumbo frames on VMs.

This document provides useful information for system administrators and IT planners or designers who are in the process of considering or planning to use Hyper-V in their environment.